Grand Prix Audio

grand prix audio

The name is suggestive. Deliberately. It points at decades of hard-earned experience in cutting-edge racecar design. Swift Engineering’s high speed moving ground-plane wind tunnel was the most advanced testing & research facility in the world when Alvin Lloyd worked at the firm.


Alvin Lloyd is also a music lover. Hence Grand Prix Audio.

On the racetrack and in one-off competition vehicle manufacture, exacting cause/effect relationships and high-tolerance engineering are a decades-old hard science. To date, millions upon millions of corporate sponsorship have been invested to further the state-of-the-art. Mistakes not only cost victories, they endanger lives.


By applying stringent measurements and a systematic from-the-ground-up approach, GPA utterly transforms your music experience at home. From the noisy, adrenaline-fueled machismo of high-speed open wheel competitions into a state of transcendental purity.


Where your system is finally empowered to unleash its hidden promise. Stripped of the underlying distortion of resonance intermodulation.

When Silence Becomes Presence.


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